You Can Now Skype from Your Browser


Microsoft has introduced Skype for web in the browser to all users of internet in the UK and US on Internet explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. It was available as mobile app and desktop app but now it can get access on web base browser so that users may have opportunity to instant messages and video calls to friends on Windows and Mac machine.

Web Skype


Skype can be used for Web and it is full featured Web based version of Skype . Skype can be used from browser if a person is on journey and can not have access of internet on his smart-phone and computer, It could be browsed for web without installation. It is necessary for user that to go to in Web browser on a window or computer and sign in with your Skype ID and password there is no need to install it.


Skype can be available from users’ browser with desktop web browsers, Internet explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. To get access of Skype from web browsers it will ask to install a plug-in before making first video calls and messages. It works on chrome but not on Chrome book because Microsoft and Google are competitors.

Basic Performance:

  • Specialty of Video calls, Messaging, and Audio calls .
  • New timeline appears to start and to find conversation.
  • It loads all contacts and conversations in the browser automatically.
  • Notifications are available while using Skype from app or window browsers.