Windows 10 Review and Features


Windows 10 is upcoming operating system that is developed by Microsoft as the part of window NT.The goal of window 10 is to unify the windows PC, windows phone. Windows embed in Xbox one products as well as the surface Hub and Hololens, around a common Intel core. The Start menu is back with space to pin your favorite apps. Windows 10 will have many new features for gamers, including a DVR feature for recording the games to play.


Windows 10’s user interface is an development of Windows 8’s, with a focus on change between behaviors suitable for the type of device and the available input methods. To improve the experience for keyboard and mouse users, Windows 10 adds a new revision of the desktop Start menu and a virtual desktop system, and allows Windows 10 Store apps to run within windows on the desktop as well as in full-screen mode. The operating system will introduce new technologies and system components, including DirectX 12 and new frameworks for biometric automatically delivers updates with device.


The Store in Windows 10 is a One­ Stop Shop for hundreds of thousands of apps including games, music, videos, as well as a new version of Office. It contains a number of apps with Microsoft office.Modern apps no longer take up the whole screen.The new Photos app in Windows 10 scans yo devices and OneDrive account for photos and arranges them into a giant collection.The Xbox app will make it easy to keep tabs on different achievements.

Phones and Tablets:

Microsoft revealed that more Lumia smartphones would be able to upgrade to the Windows 10 for phones preview, as part of the Windows Insider Program. Windows 10 is also familiar for smart Tablets.

Continuum Mode:

On 2in1 devices, Windows 10 will move easily between keyboard/mouse and touch/tablet as it detects the change and conveniently switches to the new mode.


Windows 10 will have it both ways, browser ­wise: It will ship with both Internet Explorer 11 and ‘Spartan,’ the new, uncluttered browser that Microsoft is developing, apparently to replace IE.