“Touchjet” A Touch-screen Pond


Touchjet is a small projector that makes surface a large 80” touchscreen. It contains touch capability and runs on Android 4.0. It can connect wirelessly to Android powered mobile devices to mirror them on giant screen. Touchjet can read touch input using a drawing app, playing games, slashed at flying fruits and have some angry birds. It is worth appreciating in conference room and sometimes it is useful in class to present lectures on different topics. Touchjet is the most attractive things for every kind of users not only adults may get benefit of it but also it is impressive for children. A huge technology gas been packed into a tiny case of Touchjet pond.


Touchjet pond is a beneficial technology , its body measures 3x11x10cm and weighs 300g. In this projector user may get two styluses that take AAA batteries. Its IR transmitter will active to press the stylus and signals are received by IR receiver on this projector that changes the signals into touch input. Touchjet can also be controlled with Bluetooth, Keyboard and mouse. It has Dual core 1.66GHz ARM cortex-A9 processor.



Touchjet pond is a useful projector running Android a mobile with installed apps . User can stand before stylus while drawing and writing onto projector surface. A remote control can also be used for Touchjet pond that is called Air mouse it works as IR remote and a Bluetooth control on screen cursor. Many apps, Search browser, Games, Google play store and You Tube is available in this projector. An adapter may also be used to move files from USB flash drive onto 18GB of internal storage. There is an 80 lumen LCD lamp inside the case but there is need to use darken room to get usable image. Its lamp life is rated almost 20,000 Hours and battery runs 2 hours. Touchjet pond’s resolution is small 854×480 pixels.


Features Touchjet
Dimensions 3x11x10cm
Weighs 300g
Display 1cmDLP, 854×480 pixels, 80 lumen LED
Processor Dual core 1.66GHz ARM cortex-A9
Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Android Kitkat 4.4.4
Storage 18Gb
Ports Mini HDMI, Micro USB, 3.5mm audio out
Battery 2hours, Lamp life: 20,000 Hours