Tesla Model S review


Tesla model s are the best motors in business.It has a handsome interior and excellent driving dynamics. Tesla Model S acts like a car built on the mantra. This 691-hp battery electric vehicle is for the impatient. The Tesla Model s claims that the P85D is capable of reaching 60mph in 3.2 seconds.It is rightly amazing that Tesla Motors added a 221-hp electric motor to drive the front wheels. This secondary unit works in conjunction with the P85D’s 470-hp rear motor to provide four-wheel drive.It’s shockingly quick. Tesla S creative types are hard at work on a Model S powered by two 470-hp motors.

Body structure

Tesla model S contains aluminum body structure, with steel used only to add power in key areas. The interior is clean, bordering on stark and a huge 17-inch color. There are also several charging options offered. All Tesla Model S versions can use standard 110- and 240-volt household outlets. Using a 240-volt circuit, the base 40 kWh battery would take about 5 hours to fully charge. Bigger battery packs can also use a dual charging system that can half the charge time. Using this system, count on about four hours to charge the 60 kWh or 85 kWh packs. Tesla is also building a network of high-speed superchargers that maintains 160 miles worth of charge in only 30 minutes with vertical touchscreen display. The rear jump seats in Tesla Model S are intended for children.

Tesla Model S Basic features

Tesla model S motors carries almost 5 passengers. Tesla added a good battery-protection shield under the car. It also contains an optional parking assist system. It is an amazing automobile with speed-o-meter, Steering wheel, comfortable seats with headrest, and interior is the special part of Tesla model S. Tesla Model S, the materials are certainly durable.

Paint Style

The Model S paint process will differ from traditional paint in an effort to reduce emissions. The innovative paint process will use powder coating for both the primer and clear coat layers. Three paints layers are most often applied in the shape of layers on motors of Tesla model S.

Sound Studio

Tesla Model S is equipped with the optional Sound Studio package. It includes a 12-speaker, 580-watt stereo with Dolby Pro Logic 7.1 surround sound, a music storage hard drive and XM satellite radio preparation.

Tesla Model S broken sunroof

Tesla Model contains a glass broken sunroof. It jammed at 21-percent open and went no farther. It can be closed without incidents and opened easily.


Features Tesla Model S
Engine 310kW electric motor
Max power 416bhp
Max torque 442lb ft @ 0-5300rpm
Top speed 130mph (claimed)