Reflexes Memory game review


Reflexes Memory is a best application to test and improve our memory reflexes and concentration. Its a very challenging game and simple exercise to test the reflection of our brain the faster and better. There are three levels in this game. In all levels a number would be display on the screen for a short duration.

  • First level we have to find out how many time a particular digit occurs in number.
  • Second level we have to find the number distinct common number between them.
  • Third and last level we have to enter the exact number in the test box.

The challenging and extremely interesting levels just don’t let you blink your eye and let you enjoy yourself to the fullest. Reflexes enhances neuron stimulation improving your concentration and reflexes drastically.


  • Works with Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 8
  • download size is 1MB
  • Supported English language


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Screen Shots:

Reflexes Memory game-level