New Ufone 3G packages with Free Social Networks


Now Ufone prepaid customers has introduced its new 3G packages. The highlight of the new packages that Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Line usage has been free. Their applications and Web sites were used for data, the package will not be considered. In addition, users will be able to maximize the available speed.
Ufone has been no change in tariff default, the users using the 20MB bucks will get 19MB free, 19MB will be used until 12 o’clock at night.
Subscribe to the package also dial * 3 #. See the status of outstanding data is the code * 706 #. Package at the end of the data range begins default package. Multiple users at a time can not get the package. Packages details are given below.

Bucket Name Data Limit Price Volume (MB) Freebies Timing Subsc Code
Daily light bucket Daily 10 40 FB,Whtp, Twi, Line 24 hours *804#
Daily heavy bucket 15 75 FB,Whtp, Twi, Line 24 hours *8042#
Special daily bucket 5 50 FB,Whtp, Twi, Line 1 AM- 9 PM *810#
Mega Internet bucket 6 51,200 FB,Whtp, Twi, Line 12 AM – 12 PM *550#
3 day bucket 3- day bucket 25 100 FB,Whtp, Twi, Line  24 hours *3350#
Weekly Light bucket Weekly 50 250 FB,Whtp, Twi, Line 24 hours *7811#
Weekly heavy bucket 125 500 FB,Whtp, Twi, Line  24 hours *7815#
Monthly 1GB Bucket Monthly 250 1,024 FB,Whtp, Twi, Line 24 hours *7807#
Monthly 3GB Bucket 500 3,096 FB,Whtp, Twi, Line 24 hours *803#
Monthly 10GB Bucket 1,000 10,240 FB,Whtp, Twi, Line 24 hours *5100#