New Google Analytics navigation 2017


Google Analytics has new simplified navigation. Would you like to take a quick tour? If not, you can always learn more by visiting.


Choose a Google Analytics view
Use the picker to navigate between Google Analytics accounts, properties, and views.
Built-in reports
The Reports area contains all Google Analytics built-in reports. You can click on each section to see what reports are available. Audience reports help you understand your users. Acquisition reports explore where your users came from. Behavior reports summarize what your users do after they arrive. Conversion reports show how well you’re doing against goals or revenue.
Customization lets you create dashboards, shortcuts, custom reports, and more.
Google Analytics settings
Admin lets you change the settings on your account, property, and view configurations.
Easily search for reports and help
You can use this search field to search for reports or help articles.
Make more space for reports
Use this pointer to shrink the navigation and provide more space for your reports.