Google Project Fi Launched


The Google mobile network has launched a project Fi, it is new way to make conversations with others. Google presents useful devices for users Project Fi is introduced with basic plan using for talk, text and Wifi coverage in many countries available in Nexus 6 phones. It is a wireless service that offers 4G in many areas and 3G in many areas of America. It promotes and distributes phones that use its Android operating system and Google apps. It can get access to the internet and Wifi if it is available and makes services of search and you Tube etc.

Available on Play Store:


Phone plans:

Google chooses the networks of T-mobile and sprint These are America’s largest carriers. Google has made deals with both. If a person buys a Nexus 6 mobile and signs up project Fi but leaves, the amount owed on the phone must be due immediately itself.

Project Fi services:

Project Fi makes wireless services most often used in U.S but Uk does not need this project Fi. It offers speedy internet service in many areas. It is cheaper than most existing services of internet. This project is similar to Google Fiber that brings broadband and other internet srvices to homes. It is handful of many cities and has internet providers as AT&T and comcast corp to make the benifits of internet services. Project Fi is similar to Nexus hardware program. It is available in Nexus 6 and needs a special sim card for Project Fi.


Google’s project Fi is valuable for users of phones it contains wireless services that brings switching technology. Project Fi can be connected automatically to more than million places if signals are available there. Google is spreading its wings and products in whole of the world around. Project Fi is also a wireless project of Google as operator. Google brings people in the ground to use internet of its own services. It is useful for unlimited home calls text and 10GB data per month. Project Fi gives coverage by pairing speedy network availability of Wifi or LTE networks. Google is using combined Hangout/ Google voice in some way for Project Fi. This project Fi is fast and reliable that enable the users make calls and texts from the number of other phone, devices ,Tablet and Laptop.


Google's Project Fi Rocks the Mobile Industry