Ferrari 488 GTB launch


Ferrari 488 GTB is launched as an online customization tool. It is the most impressive automobile from the exterior design and paint. Ferrari 488 GTB is expected to get attention of lookers because there is amount of carbon fiber trim inside, comfortable leather seats, color of brakes clippers and the seat belts. It can be an ideal choice for everyone launched in various paint color options including historic colors. Ferrari 488 GTB is introduced with the facilities of twin turbo charged 3.9 V8 liter engine that is powerful to drive.


Ferrari 488 GTB is designed with carbon fiber and aluminium construction. It allows keyless starts and perfectly designed as a road car.The door panels sport a simpler design. Its interior is simpler and cleaner, that is designed to mix both comfort and sportiness.


Ferrari 488 GTB is the most beautiful automobile launched in London.It is attractive for its features as twin scroll turbo charger, two inter coolers, the compressor wheels made of low density. Ferrari 488 GTB has many of its controls on the steering wheel. It is popular for its cubic capacity of each of its cylinders and its total cubic capacity is 3.9 liters. Ferrari 488 GTB gives rapid response and luxurious to drive. Ferrari 488 GTB claimed throttle response time of just 0.8sec at 2000rpm.It is launched with electronic and vehicle control systems.


Ferrari 488 GTB is a road car with specific power output of 126.3 Kw per liter and the gearbox that is also used in the 458. The torque figure of the Ferrari 488 GTB is such that it also exceeds the 509lb ft at 6000rpm of the normally aspirated V12 used in the range topping Ferrari f12 berlinetta. it is 4568mm in length and 1952mm in width and 1213mm in height. It changes the color of wheels,body components,brake calipers, and the roof.Its Power is up from 562bhp to 660bhp with top speed.

First Drive Intro Video