Facebook Launch Web messenger


Facebook Messenger is an impressive messaging tool and software application that can be used for chat messaging and voice communication in different analysis. This Messenger lets Facebook users chat with friends both on mobile and on some other important websites. It avoids showing timeline of the user of this app.


Facebook has officially launched a messenger for web users,which enable the people to chat directly through the web browser in avoidance to visit Facebook.com. It is the most useful app to chat with friends, and does not show timeline, News Feed and notifications etc. It will be launched in English Language but more languages are also expected to support it. This Facebook Messenger could become a favorite of busy users who are always concerned with productive items, or those that use Facebook to chat with friends but don’t like the social satisfaction in the mismanagement of its main site. Facebook users’ interest is rapidly shifting to mobile phone. Facebook messenger is used to send pictures, stickers, and the signature thumbs up like Facebook contacts, But it could not get any way to record voice and messages from Desktop.

Web Browser:

Facebook messenger is a way to keep messaging as the focus and it is told Re/code. Facebook messenger is a useful app to make HD calls anywhere in the world, to make snap photos and videos it can also record voice messages and used to chat with groups of friends. The numbers of the users of this app has been increased into thousands of people in whole world.