Facebook Introduce Chatting App “Rooms”

facebook chatting app rooms

Facebook launched a chat room app called Rooms. Currently Rooms available on App Store. It’s absolutely free. It’s allows users to create chat rooms for shared interests, from makeup mastery to city gardens.

Rooms lets you create places for the things you’re passionate about. Choose a topic, personalize the look and feel, be whoever you want to be and share with others. It’s perfect for the things you love and interests that make you unique.

  • Choose a topic: Create a home for people who are as into the topic as you are.
  • Personalize  the look and feel: Pick a color, choose an emotion for your like button, and more!
  • Be whoever you want to be: Choose nicknames for yourself, real or made up.
  • Share with others: Invite other people so you can share photos, videos, and notes with them.

Download Available

rooms screen shots

Screen Shots

rooms screen shots
rooms screen shots nickname
rooms screen shots personalize