Ecocapsule A Comfortable Dwelling


Ecocapsule is a comfortable low energy house in a compact form. It is elegant in look and luxurious to use. All essentials are fitted in this dwelling to stay with no need to recherché or re supply. It contains an energy efficient form, Sufficient volume system with comfortable folding warm bed, running water and a hot meal. Ecocapsule is not large in size but allows to have convenience of domestic facilities in many conditions. It is beautiful wind turbine and solar power home with the curtain of solar cells, kitchenette with running water, flushing toilet , hot shower, dual power system and a high capacity battery in active use With its immense off grid life span.

Body Structure:

Ecocapsule does not need any essential precautions to transport ,its body structure in spherical shape is useful to collect rain water and dew that allows to utilize any source of water. “Ecocapsule,” is an egg shaped portable pod that is self sufficient using solar and wind energy. Its body is covered with 2.6m2 of high power solar cells and a pole holding a 750W wind terbine that is attached to body of Ecocapsule.



Ecocapsule is an egg shaped solar powered a mobile home. It can be used to set up camp on different places such as at the beach, on a mountain, in a cornfield. Ecocapsule is considered to be a beautiful micro home with different domestic facilities like water filers, Kitchenette , shower, fold able bed, working and dining place, entrance, storage and open-able windows. Ecocapsule is a comfortable transport with all essentials and it can also be shipped, airlifted, towed and even pulled by a pack animal.