China became the world’s fastest supercomputer


It’s a new champion in super computing. This supercomputer has been built in China in the list of top 500 computers in the world. Unlike in the past in the supercomputer were not dependent on Western technology. Sun Highway tie the Light (Sunway TaihuLight) 40,960 node system which has been developed in China 260 core ShenWei 26010 processor used .93 beaten flops processing power of the supercomputer Tianhe-2’s 33.85 3 times petaflops with more powerful.
The new system has been built to connect the new nodes antitank format has been used special version of Linux. Light the Way Tie hear the Tianhe-2 is more austerity in the use of power. Hear the Light Way Tie 15.3 MW is consumed.
The first being that China will take 100 petaflops to upgrade your supercomputer Tianhe-2 last year, however, the United States banned the export of processor China. China and the US feared that the processor can not be used for nuclear purposes. Because of these restrictions China has developed processor not only locally but also made the fastest supercomputer in the world.