BMW Mini AR Driving Goggles With X-Ray Vision


BMW has introduced a mini brand of Goggles with X-Ray vision to decrease unpleasant brightness of light. It brings heads up information for drivers. The mini brand of BMW is well designed and unique in performance. It takes things a step further with an X-Ray vision and allows drivers to have a glimpse of many parts of the cars like doors.


BMW mini AR driving Goggles is beautifully designed with augmented vision that bring via two 720p displays it works with a camera located on the bridge of the Goggles. It can be adjusted on nose fit with eyes, and controlling buttons are placed on the side of Goggles.

Navigation Data:

BMW Mini goggles contains navigation data and tells the direction turn by turn and incoming messages with X-Ray vision.It makes the parking easier then before while using cameras mounted on the outside of automobile. This mini brand of Goggles enhances comfort and safety. It also functions outside the car with external camera to make destination through eye balls.


BMW Mini driving Goggles with X-Ray vision provides video feed through cameras in the side view mirrors. BMW Goggles gives a stream of data on top while keeping eyes on the road. It uses augmented reality glasses through a calibration process while matching the output with a driver’s own vision. These driving Goggles get hot right after 15 minutes and can not be wearable in a few hours. Its X-Ray vision helps driver in blind spots such as pillars and doors. BMW mini AR driving Goggles brings virtual speedometer, directional arrows, and and an icon.