BMW 7 Series 2016 review and features


BMW 7 series Sedan model 2016 is a bat-mobile that shares its Tech secrets. It is introduced with some technological Advancements like remote control parking system so that it may park itself, 130 kg carbon fiber structure in body, gas gauge and speedometer. BMW 7 series gives amazing driving impressions and it is a light weighted brand. The most importantly it contains expensive aluminum doors. It can be stopped itself on the road when any obstacle is detected to autonomous driving.


BMW 7 series Sedan is an interesting auto-mobile with automatic parking ability and its key fob allows the magic happen. Its touchscreen controls the gestures and it represents a familiar parts controller iDrive interface along with voice commands in this way business men can use Tablet and smartphone with fingers in touch controls while driving. An incoming call can be declined or attended with the wave of hand by making circular motion. BMW 7 series also contains Adaptive buttons and external camera for information system.

Body structure

BMW 7 series Sedan is beautifully structured with up to 12 twin turbocharged cylinders, and or four wheels drive. It contains four aluminum doors ,and it is a weight saving technology with handling strengths. BMW 7 series Sedan is introduced with the mixture of high strength steel, aluminum, carbon fiber material, magnesium and plastic. It claims 285 pounds weight. its 15 molded carbon fiber strength adds a strategic location.


BMW 7 series sedan is a an amazing automobile with a hybrid model and a turbo diesel. It is athletic with comfortable seats, 8 speed automatic driving , rear wheels along with confident brakes.The 740Ld’s turbocharged 3.0 liter six is rated at 255 horsepower and a hearty 413 lb-ft of torque at 1500 rpm in BMW 7 series.
It is very luxurious car with comfortable seats up front and tons of room to spread in back,. BMW 7 series sedan contains a new gauge cluster with configurable TFT display that changes several driving modes. It is introduced with fuel saving system, full-LED headlights, 20 inch wheels along with performance rubber and all season tires.The system of measuring weather, Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone is also included in this model of BMW 7 series sedan. It is full sized car with high speed and attractive design. Its interior and exterior is beautiful designed, comfortable to take journey and luxurious in look.


The all-new BMW 7 Series. Preview.