Apple Tablet 4 the Most Selling Device


Apple’s strategy is really simple ,the fourth generation tablet keeps the amazing screen resolution and general look. Apple has kept a computer in a slate without keyboard. Apple Tablet 4 is an excellent device. Its is the thinner and useful technology . Apple has packed a huge amount more pixels into the 9.7 Inch screen _1536x2048 to be exact. It is marginally thicker and a little heavier than the iPad. Apple tablet 4 is just like mobile computer with a touch screen display.
Apple Tablet 4 has fantastic Retina display, sharp 5Mp camera with 1080p video, speedy 4G LTE data along with best tablet app selection.


More than 200,000 apps are available for Apple Tablet 4. Its easy to see why Apple has big lead in the Tablet race. you can easily enhance your images using touch gestures.These apps provide their full sizes.
For image and documents , the device supports : JPEG, TIFF, Microsoft Word, keynote, Numbers, PowerPoint excel, PDF, and this Tablet also supports its eBook app.

Display and wireless connectivity

Apple Tablet 4 contains a really nice display. the screen measures 9.7 inches and half inch thick , 9.56 inches tall and 7.47 inches wide. The wifi +4G wireless connectivity is also improve in apple tablet 4. Wifi and Bluetooth come standard for all Apple Tablets.


Apple Tablet 4 has a wide range of products in it. Audio and Video music system, Games, maps, 16GB memory, Its standby battery time more than 700h. Due to its stupendous production Apple Tablet 4 is the most selling brand of the world.


Features Apple Tab 4
Storage 16GB , 32GB
CPU Dual core 1Ghz
Display 9.7 Inch
Connectivity Wifi, Bluetooth, 4G
Camera 5MP
Operating system IOS