Android M review


Android M is introduced with polished operating system and a facility for the installation of different apps from Google play store. Google is pushing out final software to it in the later year. Android M is supported on devices with NFC running Android Kitkat. Like other smartphones containing fingerprint scanner Android M Google is making the support of standardized platform.On Android M a user can make its own applications that may allow to sign up without any use of password connected to Wifi and power.


App links are being changed in M so that Android may get awareness of which apps may open content directly, Instead of stopping users with dialogue box. If a user wishes to record a voice message, Whats-app will prompt user with a request for permission to use mic. Android M gives user a control of the information about apps to get access. App permissions give a user of Android M complete control over their Android. The most interesting and amazing aspect of “Android M” is auto-backup and restore for apps from Google drive automatically with a file size of 25 MB or less. Android M contains a new app drawer held against a white background rather than a paused shade of homepage wallpaper.

Home Screen:

Android M contains a new operating system with abstract , material home screen. It brings influenced default beautiful looking images of wallpapers on Home Screen on Lollipop.

Web Explorer:

In Android M “Chrome Custom Tab” allows apps to open a chrome Window on the top of active app. These tabs will support automatic sign in saved password, auto-fill and multi-process security to assist apps and web experience.

RAM Manager:

RAM Manager is introduced in Android M by Google to provide users information about RAM usage of apps. The menu will be found in settings>apps> options>advanced memory for good performance of user’s handset.

Storage Devices:

Storage devices is Google’s new feature that takes an external storage source such as SD card slot or USB drive. It means app and personal data can be moved easily.



Android M is a pleasant device of Google products. It provides up to two times longer standby time and this Android can start alarms or notify users of notifications. Android M supports USB type C with faster charging and makes user charge other devices with phone. “Android M” settings is a “Dark Theme” option that changes the menu background to a dark grey color. It looks beautiful on Nexus 6. Android M brings awareness by Google’s knowledge graph. Google photos service in Android M is a pert of Google+ , Google photos and video storage that provides 16MP impressive photos and 1080P video from Google photos app.