Amazon started delivered goods through droneĀ in UK


World most popular online store amazon started deliver Goods via drone in United Kingdom. According to foreign media amazon delivered goods by the first user in the drone to the UK. Within 13 minutes of receiving the order noted in a tweet the goods reached the desired user. The company goods delivered to the user in the UK for the first time through drone.

Drone was carrying his equipment was in amazon Fire TV and a packet of cooked corn. The equipment was delivered to a user in the UK Cambridge area. Amazon CEO Jeff tweet, The required goods within 13 minutes of receiving the order to reached the user.

Although the experiment has been successful, but it may take some time for delivery order through massive drone. There are only two customers in the consumer list amazon who had registered their names for the import of goods by air.

Delivery of the first experience of drone in the UK is not surprising For amazon, Amazon acquired to Government last summer, it was announced that he send the goods to the customer experience through the drone.

Although the drone has been tested for delivery in the United States but also for stricter rules amazon the United States is difficult to start.

The first experience of sending goods by drone in US this year, 7-Eleven drone bring sandwich chicken, coffee and donut on a customer’s location in the state of Nevada at Reno. They are the experiences of other companies sent US goods including Google and Wall-Mart.